We guide you on how to move holiday complaints on!

It never fails to impress us just how 'dogged' Consumers can be! There are many holidaymakers who will pursue their complaints very well in correspondence. Sometimes this can lead to a reasonable resolution; other times it can lead to poor responses and in some cases those responses can be openly rude or hostile!

To counter this lack of willingness to resolve your holiday complaint, it is always better to take stock and remain calm. If you now find yourself at an impasse then consider the following points:

  1. Did you set out all of your complaints - Did you discount some of them?
  2. Did they answer all of your complaints - Can you challenge them to do so?
  3. Do they have telephone or other transcripts to prove your points - Have you applied for them under Data Protection Laws?
  4. Have you got witnesses - Can you get a statement or letter from them?
  5. If you have no witnesses have you tried searching travel forums like Trip Advisor and sending a private message to other holidaymakers for assistance - remember you can help each other?
  6. Do you have original documentation like medical reports and so on?

If you are satisfied that you have done everything you could have done, then you may have no option but to take some form of legal action!

That said, you should never rush into taking any legal action - you should always get advices first! Many holidaymakers who rush into court fail because they have not considered the issues on these pages - the simple rule is at each stage of your holiday complaint - assess - reassess and where you can challenge! The more information and knowledge you have, the chances are that you will be more successful in the pursuit of your claim.

We have one further warning - if you or any member of your family have suffered with upset stomach's or illness on holiday - DO NOT give the tour operator access to your medical records and DO NOT supply them with original documentation UNLESS you have obtained independent guidance on your claim. Holiday sickness claims require different consideration so seeking guidance in these cases is always the first thing you should do!

To help you think about your onward options, the following articles may help you:

  1. Checklist before taking Legal Action;
  2. Going to Court;
  3. The Small Claims Court;
  4. Higher Courts;
  5. EU Small Claims Process;
  6. Arbitration.
  7. How do we help you to find legal assistance