How to deal with an initial rejection of your Holiday Complaint

So if you have made your complaint in resort or if you made a complaint on your return, the moment will come when the Travel Provider will respond. Consumers often find that the response that they receive is less than satisfactory and it will often make them angry because they feel that no-one has taken their complaint seriously!

For some holidaymakers, they simply give up on taking any further action with their complaint either because they haven’t got the time to pursue it or they decide that they will never book a holiday with that company again! It is thought that some companies will try to frustrate the complaints process and this is found right across the Consumer spectrum, which leads to Consumers falling away, or as it is more commonly referred to, attrition! Secondly, some companies do not appear to be bothered whether those complaining Consumers book a holiday with them again because it is thought that they have a vast market to call on and the effect of complaints is minimal on what they perceive to be their market.

Another aspect that Consumers have to face is the current apathy or hostility to the notion that you should make a complaint or claim.

It will not surprise the reader to hear that we actively support those holidaymakers or passengers who do make claims because:

  1. It is their right to do so – holidays are no different from any other Consumer Product, and
  2. Making Complaints can lead to a better holiday product in the future because whatever Travel Companies say, they do learn from their mistakes!

If you receive a negative response from your Travel Provider, do not despair:

  1. Check to see if they have answered all your concerns – have they shrink-wrapped the response to your complaints into one paragraph?
  2. If they have not answered all your complaints – write to them again and challenge them to do so;
  3. If they refer to Arbitration Schemes as a suggestion to resolve matters, do not rush into that suggestion unless you are satisfied that they have answered all your questions and always seek advice before you decide to take that course of action;
  4. If your holiday complaints involve any kind of illness or injury, DO NOT send them any agreement to access your medical records or agree to sign any form unless you have spoken with us first – the simple reason is that holiday illness and injury claims need to be considered carefully and differently to holiday contract claims;
  5. If they come back to you with an offer to settle, consider it carefully – if you are not sure, speak with us first;
  6. If the Travel Company has closed the door on your complaints – speak with us and we will guide you further.