We show you how to make a holiday complaint

This page is all about helping you to take those first steps to pursuing you claim for a bad holiday.

Preparation is the key to ensuring that you successfully resolve your complaints. dont think that this can wait until you get home; travel companies have learnt from experience that dealing with complaints in resort can stave off claims in the future.

The problem however for many Consumers is that they way that travel companies deal with complaints in resort often involve isolating the holidaymaker, refusing to deal with complaints, making a full record of what is said to them - all done with the purpose of managing the claim from their perspective from Day 1. As a Travel Consumer you need to be just as savvy and just as organised!

Holiday complaints can range widely and involve all types of travel company. So, for example, you may have a problem with:

  1. Finding that your hotel or travel itinerary has been changed before departure;
  2. Discovered that your hotel or cruise has changed when you get there;
  3. There is a dispute about the pricing of your holiday;
  4. Your transfer failed to turn up;
  5. The conditions at your hotel or cruise ship are appalling;
  6. You have suffered illness in your hotel or cruise ship;
  7. You have had an accident on holiday;
  8. Your airline has delayed or cancelled your flight;
  9. You have suffered with a crime whilst on holiday;
  10. The travel company just didn't help you or they are claiming that you do not have a Package Holiday and therefore no rights!

These are just some of the examples of complaints that we receive; there are many more!

When faced with with such complaints, it is important to make sure that you follow the correct route in the initial stages. If you are reading this for the first time and haven't followed these suggestions, don't worry, you can still lodge your complaints or re-state them!

Most holiday contracts will say that if you experience a problem in resort, you have to let them know so that they have the opportunity to put right what has gone wrong. That is exactly as it should be, because if the problem is minor then there is a good chance that it can be resolved and you can continue with your holiday.

With more serious complaints, the opportunity to right the wrongs make take a little time, provided the travel company is motivated to do so; one way you can motivate them is to ensure that your knowledge of your rights are greater than theirs!

In this section we will guide you on those initial steps on how to deal with a tour operator and your complaints:

  1. Making the initial complaint to the tour operator;
  2. How to deal with a tour operator who fails to respond;
  3. How to deal with a rejection of your initial complaint

The first thing you should do if you have to make a complaint either before you go or when you are in resort is to make sure that it is put in writing