Sickness at the Marconfort. Again.

We’ve received reports that the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel in Torremolinos is suffering from a sickness bug, and according to consumer reports on TripAdvisor it looks to be a recurring issue.

Hygiene standards are always a concern when you travel, not least because you spend hundreds or indeed thousands of pounds and you don’t want to be paying for a day spent quarantined in your bathroom.

Note that all quotes from TripAdvisor are taken from within a 2 week period from 20th July 2016 to 3rd August 2016:

“This is my 4th time here and every time at least 2 of us get a sickness bug, despite that it's a lovely hotel and will be visiting next year!”

“We are staying here as a family of 10. 2 of us have unfortunately contracted the sickness bug, I was one of them and it's awful. We have been careful with washing hands and using the sanitizers so it i can only put it down to the food.”

“We arrived Friday 4 days ago and I’ve today come down with this sickness and diarrhoea bug everyone's talking about, were here as a party of 8 4 adults 4 children I just pray to God none of them get it!”

“the hotel is clean and tidy and all the staff are friendly and helpful, and for that I would give it top marks but then came the tummy bug five out of seven of our family all had it on different days”

“I can't believe our family stayed in this hotel over a year ago and the sick bug is still being talked about. Unfortunately our family did experience it and I honestly believe it's due to the drink/water dispensers”

Unfortunately these problems seem to be recurring, and it only take a cursory glance at the reviews going back further to see that this sickness has been a problem at the hotel for well over a year – and therefore surely cannot be a ‘coincidence’ as described in the hotel’s own replies to the reviews.

Always look at a hotel’s reviews before you book as consumers are the best people in the world for telling you what a hotel is really like. Never forget your rights either, and if your holiday is spoiled by illness that is the fault of the hotel then you can make a claim, as either the hotel or your travel agent has not fulfilled their contract with you!