It's raining cats, dogs and other animals in All-Inclusive Holidays!

Holidaymakers are expected to 'share' their holidays with animals along with consequences

Out of all the complaints we are currently receiving, the vast majority have something to say about the animal life they find in their All-Inclusive resorts.

Whilst at first, many holidaymakers will find the little critters cute, that novelty soon wears off!

An example of such complaints reveal:

  1. Numerous cats within the hotel grounds;
  2. Packs of dogs in/around the hotel pool or beach areas;
  3. Some have witnessed cats and dogs drinking from the hotel swimming pools;
  4. One holidaymaker told of a dog urinating into the pool;
  5. Birds seen landing on restaurant and buffet tables;
  6. Ants crawling over bars;
  7. Cockroaches seen in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Many hotels suffering with sick holidaymakers have these 'extra' guests staying with them and some holidaymakers have recently questioned; 'can these same animals be found around the hotel kitchens or places where food is stored?'.

The simple point here is that animals in and around hotel complexes can introduce bacteria and indeed, allowing them to be present, brings into question the health & safety standards practised by these hotels.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for states:

"In all the time I have been doing this job, I have heard of the same problem time and time again. I just do not believe that hotels cannot control animals or pests and I am greatly concerned to hear that this problem continues with all the potential problems it brings. Holidaymakers suffering illness and indeed having the 'animal' experience, should seriously question the holiday product they have had and call our helpline for further guidance!"