Holidaymakers' complaints from Benidorm's Hotel Flamingo Oasis!

We have been contacted by holidaymakers who recently stayed at the Flamingo Oasis hotel on the Costa Blanca.

Those holidaymakers were angered by what they saw as indifference to their complaints and failing to deal with their illness and indeed of the illnesses they witnessed in the hotel.

Amongst the allegations & complaints received were:

  1. Reports of people being sick in the public areas of the hotel;
  2. Swimming pool being closed for tests;
  3. Suffering the pool being closed for 3 days;
  4. Suffering with sickness and diarrhoea;
  5. Staff not reacting to complaints being made of sickness;
  6. Reports of many holidaymakers apparently having to be taken to hospital for treatment.

In 2016, there is no excuse for guests in any hotel having to suffer or endure these alleged problems.

Hotels and tour operator representatives should react quickly to any allegations or reports of illness so as to provide reassurance that any problems have been investigated and any issues of concern have been dealt with.

In the first instance, if you stayed at this hotel and suffered sickness, then you should speak to your GP and obtain a stool sample test to gain a quick and early diagnosis to any ongoing medical problem you may have, along with any necessary treatment – this is the most important action you should take!

We are dealing with holidaymakers who clearly did not receive reassurance or assistance from the either the hotelier or their travel company and they are now receiving assistance in dealing with their complaints.

If you have stayed at this hotel and suffered with a similar experience, you do not have to put up with the lack of help to deal with your concerns. You have purchased a product and should receive a good quality product in return; where it goes wrong, all efforts should be made to put it right.

If you have similar complaints, just call us and our team will guide you further on how to deal with your complaints!