Why should I complain about my holiday?

Taking that first step - a little encouragement!

A battle between David & Goliath; between Big Business & You - sounds scary, doesn't it? It doesn't have to be, but here we provide you with that little bit of encouragement!

We understand what it is like!

You go on holiday, tempted by the blue seas and evenings of great entertainment offered to you on-line or in the holiday brochure! But, what you experience is anything but the promise that your travel company made to you.

Then when you think about complaining you start to see what is perhaps happening to other holidaymakers making complaints, such as:

  1. Them being accused of 'Whingeing';
  2. Told that you they are 'Serial Complainers', or
  3. That no-one else is complaining!

Makes you feel isolated, doesn't it and not wanting to raise your head above the parapet?

Another recent trend has been to claim that:

  1. It's compensation culture gone mad;
  2. That people who make claims are trying to make a fast buck, or
  3. Making a claim is somehow not right!

Well guess what; we don't agree!

Think of it this way; if you were to buy a new car, a washing machine or have a new extension built and those products were faulty or not in good working order, what would you do to make sure you hadn't wasted your money? 

So, if that is what you would do with a Consumer product gone wrong, what is the difference between that product and a holiday?

We think that:

  1. There is nothing wrong with making a complaint; we believe that you have worked hard to pay for that holiday and if something goes wrong, the travel company should have the opportunity to put right what has gone wrong so allowing you to continue to enjoy your holiday! That's hardly a revolution in customer service is it?
  2. Equally, you shouldn't hide away in a shell when you are on holiday and not talk to other holidaymakers - they are probably suffering in the same way as you are and would probably love to feel that they too are not on their own;
  3. If there is one thing that is sure to get a travel company to take action it will be if a group of holidaymakers get together to make their complaints!
  4. Another benefit to complaining, like with any other Consumer product, is that if the holiday has been found wanting, you have the potential to get your money back and/or some compensation.
  5. Ask yourself this question; if a travel company is offering vouchers or a small amount of money when you make a complaint, why are they doing that - to settle fairly - or - to settle quickly on their terms - is that fair to you?

So, don't be swayed by worries that your complaint is not valid, by making a complaint, you not only take the first steps to resolving your own travel problems but you also help future holidaymakers who hopefully will not have to face the same problems as you have!

All-in-all we think that complaining is in the end good for the holiday product because it will, no matter what is said, lead to an improvement in holiday standards!

So now we have provided that initial encouragement, visit our other pages and take action today or call us and we will guide you further!

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