How can we help you?

Knowing where to turn for help is half the battle!

In a time where there are fewer places to get help with your Travel Consumer Complaints, we offer that helping hand to help you deal with your problems!

At the moment you are wondering how you can deal with your travel complaints! You may be in the resort, hotel or cruise ship or have just returned to the UK and you are not sure how to deal with your genuine complaints.

Well, you have come to the right place; 19 years of dealing with holiday problems delivers an expertise on how to deal with your travel company.

It's not going to be easy, but then making a complaint about any Consumer Product is going to have its own problems. You will be faced with a company determined to either exhaust you into submission or see off the complaint!

At we can help you in several ways:

  1. You can visit our Prepare, Action & Resolve pages - there you will find useful tips and articles on how to deal with your holiday complaint either in resort or when you get home;
  2. You can call our helpline on - 03332024190 - where you will be able to speak with one of our advisors who will guide you through your complaint and what you can do;
  3. If you are wondering, we have maintained a Free Service to Consumers for 19 years, and
  4. You can come back to us as many times as is necessary so you can be confident of that support you need!

Be confident also in knowing that many thousands of Consumers have received our help and assistance and many have gone on to successfully resolve their own claims!

It's quite simple really:

  1. We know what its like to be a real Travel Consumer;
  2. Our advisors are ordinary people who are skilled at guiding holidaymakers;
  3. You have come to the right place, and
  4. By contacting us you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain!

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