Holiday Customer Complaints Forms!

Making sure that you get your complaint right first time!

One of the many things I advise Consumers to do if they have a bad experience on their All-Inclusive or Package Holiday, is to bring any complaints to the attention of the Hotelier and also your Tour Operator Representative.

This is only fair because like any Consumer product, you should give that company the opportunity to put right what has gone wrong!

You have many rights both within your Holiday Contract and also The Package Travel Regulations!

If something goes wrong, then under Regulation 15:

  • The Representative has to help you,
  • Regardless of whether the problem is anything to do with your Holiday Contract!

If your complaints are not resolved, then you need to make sure, before your return to the UK, that you have made your complaint to the Tour Operators Representative.

Traditionally, this was done on a Customer Complaints Form and a copy was given to you; now, with the advent of digital technology, Representatives are taking complaints down on their hand-held devices and sending that information back to the Tour Operator directly!

If that is how your Travel Company records complaints in resort, make sure that they e mail you a copy of that complaint – this is your evidence that you made a genuine complaint at the time you were on holiday!

Many ask me;

‘What do I do if they have no forms?’

Good question!

  • Simply, get some paper,
  • Write out your complaints,
  • Make a copy, and
  • Invite the Tour Operator’s Representative to sign both copies and time and date each copy,
  • Make sure then that you hand a copy to the Representative!

Sometimes, Representatives are not very co-operative! If you find yourself in that situation, don’t despair,

  • Simply e mail the Tour Operator directly with your complaints,
  • If that is not possible, make a video diary of your complaints in the resort, highlighting the problem areas!

Some holidaymakers have experienced over-zealous resort management who have taken complaint documentation away from them, including deleting photos or electronic documents!

If you are in that situation it’s quite simple, just e mail them to yourself in the UK or e mail me your photos, videos and documents on and we will keep them safe for you for when you return!

These simple steps should help you resolve your complaint in resort, but if the problem is not resolved then you have proof that you raised the issues with them at the time they arose!

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