How to respond to rejected Holiday Complaints

As we have seen in our ‘Prepare’ section, the initial response may have been disappointing, but if you follow our guidance and challenge them to respond to all the points you have made, then you may be able to resolve your claim!

However, if you are happy that they have responded (not necessarily they way you would like them to) to all your complaints and they still refuse to settle matters between you, then this will be disappointing!

Many holidaymakers question whether they should give up – not surprisingly we think that Holiday Consumers should continue with their claims because a holiday is no different from any other Consumer product you may buy; if that goes wrong you complain and get it fixed – why should a holiday be any different?

What you need to do is to equip yourself with information contained in the ‘Action’ section of this website:

  1. Learn about the Package Travel Regulations;
  2. Understand the difference between a so-called DIY and Package Holiday;
  3. Understand your flight or baggage rights;
  4. Take care with your evidence!

Once you have equipped yourself with this information, you can then start the argument again with your Travel Provider, only this time you will be able to use all your new knowledge to show why the facts of your complaints reveal that they have broken your contract and Consumer Laws!

There is just one word of warning; if you have suffered with any holiday illness or injury, the Travel Provider will treat your complaint in a different manner. They will request access to your medical records (we never advise that you do so without getting guidance first), they will advise you that they have to carry out enquiries (for up to six months) and you will be offered ‘tea & sympathy’. However, for many holidaymakers they will often be told in the final response:

  1. No complaints have been received from other holidaymakers;
  2. It was Norovirus and brought into the hotel or on-board by a guest or passenger;
  3. It’s a bug on the island;
  4. You are the only one who has complained!

It is for that reason we would always suggest that you contact us first so that we can guide you through your options!