We show you how to argue your holiday complaints

For many holidaymakers who visit this website for the first time, they have often made their complaint 'official' and have received a rejection or a refusal to acknowledge their complaints. This can be a very frustrating time as many Consumers believe that the travel company that they have entrusted with their money, will do the right thing and put right what has gone wrong. Their hope is not matched by experience and Consumers now have to find a way to fight their corner.

One of the main reasons why complaints are not dealt with properly is that Consumers will often fail to set out all the detail of their complaints. For example, some Consumers will decide to leave out important failings in the holiday product either because they believe that it was just 'one of those things' or that they will simply 'put it down to experience'. This is tactically the wrong position to take - the simple rule is if there has been a failure - no matter how small - then you should always include that information in your letter of complaint.

We often find that those holidaymakers affected by illness will 'put it down to one of those things' or make the assumption that their 'upset stomach' cannot be proved and therefore it is best to leave it out. Again this is tactically wrong; many holidaymakers have 'proved' their case despite the absence of so-called 'evidence'.

Another reason why holiday complaints are not fully stated by Consumers is that they are sometimes told by resort representative that they 'are the only one's complaining' and therefore some Consumers accept that their complaints are 'one-offs'! Rarely is this the case and caution should always be exercised when 'reasons' are given which potentially diminish your experience!

Another reason why letters of complaint fail to resolve holiday claims isn't they sometimes either do not make reference to or fail to make reference to relevant arguments or laws. In this section we provide brief overviews of some of these areas and suggest that you do not give up and re-state your complaints using this information:

  1. How to respond to rejected holiday complaints;
  2. They claim I have a DIY holiday - how do I deal with that?
  3. The Package Travel Regulations;
  4. EC Regulation 261/2004 - Flight Delays, Flight Cancellations, Denied Boarding;
  5. The Montreal Convention;
  6. A word about evidence!